Every year the artists of the Artothèque du Centre-Val de Loire agree on a theme for their December group exhibit. In 2009 it was : "Face to Face".
To illustrate this theme, I chose to place different objects that have the same French name in vis-a-vis pairings. The people holding them in the pictures would just be playing "supporting roles".
From the start these images were designed as an open ended photographic series that would expand with more research on my part and everyone else's suggestions.

After compiling the beginning of a list (a few pages long), I proceeded to sketch some visual ideas and was tempted to create an intermediary phase in the form of line drawings reminiscent of my distant past as a graphic novel illustrator.
The process was pleasing both in its results and as an experience. I therefore decided to exhibit these first drawings and give myself the time for well produced photographic images to come.
(to be continued…)

(to be continued…)

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