Photographic self-portraits in the form of tributes

Numerous have been, numerous are the artists who offer their vision of peace :
universal peace, inner peace, small and large utopias…
These artists, often rebels, protesters of the established order,
of conventions trapping us in a narrow vision excluding others,
invite us to look at the world surrounding us with a renewed perspective.

With humor, anger, lyricism, poetry, they bear messages in which instead of war,
they often denounce the fear of differences as a main obstacle to peace.

Cette This series of self-portraits as been specially produced for the festival
"L'Art Déclare la Paix."

Saint Pierre des Corps public library, Loire Valley, France, October 2018


Sandra Shepard, Lucette Beauchamp, Jörg Petersmann, Christian Bijeau,
Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Morgan Allano et le Conservatoire Francis Poulenc of Tours,
Christophe at Hendrick Music, Isabelle Garcia-Fié, Jaja,
Claudine Dumaille, Cécile Grange, Jean François Souchard,
Jean-Marie Sirgue, Jean-Louis Dumont.


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