Jacques Moury Beauchamp

Are photographic works defined by their image content or their final form or the “right balance” between the two…?
The MUSICOGRAPHY series originated from an old quest : what are the different forms that can be given to a photographic print and what happens if one considers its status as an object. Classic framing methods offer numerous options, but more adventurous ways can be explored. There are many examples throughout the history of contemporary art.
For the time being, three objects in the series have been created : "THE MOBILE", "CUBIX 5" and "MUSIMIX"

In the visual evocation of music, the instruments played by the performers are often the objects of reference. Once a link is established between the musical object and the photo as object, new possibilities of form can be imagined.

The first completed piece of the series is in the form of a mobile composed of one vertical cylinder, with two images on its outer surface, and six horizontal cylinders of various proportions, with images on both their outer and inner surfaces.

The Bléré/Val de Cher Community of Towns' Carnival, imagined and “staged” by the la Compagnie du Coin.

"Mr. and Mrs. White, arrogant despots, are symbols of a sad winter as well as of rigidity, order and authority. They are escorted by the White Orchestra. The joyous and exuberant groups of the Colors (red, blue, yellow, pink and green) are formed by the inhabitants of the community of towns. Each has its matching orchestra."
The rivalry between the White Orchestra and the other bands (turning to the advantage of the Colors in the end) appears on the horizontal cylinders (interior/exterior opposition). The Master of Ceremony finds his place on the vertical cylinder which serves as the central element to the piece.

This « toy » is composed of 5 cubes rotating around a polished brass axel. The photos pasted on 4 of the cubes' faces show musicians at the Bléré/Val de Cher carnival and close-ups of musical instruments. The preliminary drawings and the object itself were made for the Artothèque Centre Val de Loire's annual group exhibit. JMB is a member of this Association designed to promote contemporary art.
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This « game » is composed of 6 cylindrical elements fitting on top of one another in two groups of 3. The photos pasted on their external surfaces show musicans and colorful characters of the Bléré/Val de Cher 2007 carnival
Musimix was created for JMB's exhibit at the La Riche Mediacenter in May 2008.

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