"They are here, they are all here the shadows of earth's inhabitants, united in a celestial or maritime space, unless they simply are on earth ? They mingle with the whole flesh and blood inhabitants who remain unaware of their presence. Or maybe, yes… sometimes… perhaps, you feel this light touching from an unknown origin. Or the sensation of a pressing stare, a whisper not necessarily friendly.
But where does this come from ? It is annoying after all, even when alone we can have that strange impression. We remind ourselves that phantoms do not exist, even so, some doubt creeps in.
And all of the sudden one remembers the Scottish castles, the sounds never identified in dark houses…
But, no, please ! What's wrong with you ! Come on, the visit is beginning…"
Carole Bourdon
Performance's prolog

Installation in the cellar of the Corroirie du Liget
September 17 - November 1st 2010

Since 2008, the French Loire Valley Photofolies en Touraine festival has invited photographers to engage their creativity in projects conceived as "Dialogs" with artists expressing themselves in other art forms.

In the context of the 2010 edition of this must see event, I asked Cécil Egalis, who's work I have known and appreciated for many years, to create with me a body of work associating her puppets with my photography.

The installation and performance resulting from this dialog were first presented in the remarkable site of the Corroirie du Liget. They will reappear regularly in other unusual sites.

Loire Valley, Indre & Loire, route D760

The Corroirie du Liget, a fortified feudal stronghold, is located in the heart of the Loches forest, close to the castle of Montrésor. Its 1236 church, of Plantagenet style, exemplifies the rise of gothic architecture. Its XVth century dungeon, moat and fortification made it an impregnable place. In the Middle Ages, the Corroirie's justice, economy, industry and agriculture made it a model of sustainable development.
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