“CHÂTEAUX DE PAILLE” is an invitation to look at the agricultural landscape of the Touraine Region in a new way. This photography series emphasizes the architectural dimension of straw stacks erected every summer in the fields of Central France. These constructions can take in everyone’s imagination the appearance of castles or of cathedrals. “CHÂTEAUX DE PAILLE” offers to give form to these imaginary visions.

"At first, the farming world in the Touraine region of France is not the most welcoming. The 'stranger's' inquiries are met with a certain amount of suspicion. However, as more individual contacts are made, mutual appreciation arises that can even lead to real empathy.One day I photographed the construction of one of these 'châteaux' from start to finish. The operator of the 'télescopique' came to me after his work was completed, saying that he was sorry not to have been able to do a better job. In my view, he had created a monument."

The stacks are captured using architectural photography techniques, a field that Jacques Moury Beauchamp has been exploring for many years.
This series also creates a link between the farming and artistic worlds, two groups of people living in the region but who seldom have a chance to meet.

All images copyright © 2002-2006 Jacques Moury Beauchamp
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