"PREMIÈRES DE COUV."(COVER SHOTS) is a selection of photographic illustrations commissioned by magazines.
The challenge consists in developing a visual concept when simple documentary photographs cannot illustrate a given topic.
This type of imagery has been, from the beginning, part of the history of photography. Like his predecessors, Jacques Moury Beauchamp, first used studio constructions with scaled models, sets and costumes, the actual photograph taking being the last step of the process.
Computer assisted montage has opened up a world of new proceeding possibilities with more realistic results at a fraction of the cost. But the photographer still needs to capture appropriate shots, paying careful attention to lighting and perspective in order to produce a convincing final image.
What is Photo-Illustration ?

Photographic Illustration is a medium that combines the realistic elements and textures of photography with the imaginative freedom of traditional illustration.
It dramatically expands photographic vocabulary making it possible to describe non visual ideas and gives to illustration a convincing illusion of reality.
There is no restriction of subject matter or angles of perception from symbolic to humoristic, from technical to magical, from graphic to poetic.

What is it good for ?

Photographic Illustration can :

• give a visual form to fictional and surreal situations
• recreate historic or scientific events
• anticipate future settings and environments
• concentrate into a single image ideas that would otherwise require a complete set of documentary photographs or a long written explanation

Overall PI gives life to abstract concepts such as those presented on this site.

Where can it be used ?

• Photographic Illustration is most frequently associated with magazine and advertising iconography
• It also drastically improves business presentations and publications such as annual reports and corporate websites
• It makes books, including children’s books and educational material more inviting
• It provides popular imagery for greeting cards, calendars, date books, posters, etc.

Framed, it can contribute successfully to the new Wall Decor market.

How is it achieved ?

The basic ingredients for Photographic Illustration are :

• A good amount of imagination and a well thought out concept
• Photography skills including precise understanding of perspective, proportions and lighting
• Extreme knowledge of composition and visual communication principles
• Mastery of image retouching software

For best results the photographic elements must be captured specifically for each final illustration. Occasionally, background photos may be provided from existing stock.

The Photographic Illustrations presented here were commissioned by clients in Europe and the United States.
They have subsequently been republished in more than 20 countries worldwide.
Publishing rights can be purchased by contacting PHOTONONSTOP or Jacques MOURY BEAUCHAMP

This series was exhibited for the first time from october to december 2004 at the Logis Royal of Loches as part of PHOTOFOLIES EN TOURAINE second photo biennale.
copyright © 2009 Jacques Moury Beauchamp
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