In this new series, a work in progress, close to a graphic novel in form, I explore some
of the mythical episodes of the rich history of the Blues.

First episode :
STANDIN' AT THE CROSSROADS evokes (in 11 images) the quest for virtuosity at road crossings and the association, sometimes unfounded, of this myth with some of the better known Delta Blues musicians.

The following two episodes are presently in production :

Second episode :
GOIN' DOWN TO MOORHEAD tells (in 11 images) WC Handy's discovery of the Blues at the Tutwiler MS train station in 1909 and questions the "paternity" of that musical form.

Third episode :

IN THE CHICAGO NIGHT, recounts (in 11 images) the murder of Johnny Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson in 1948 and evokes the sometimes too stereotyped association between Blues, gambling, alcohol and violence.

The project for a forth episode, FROM SWING TO ROOTS, will tell (in 13 images) why in 1938 Big Bill Broonzy went back to a more traditional form of Blues and question the myth of the "lonesome bluesman."

The 23 foot tall image to the left, showing a bluesman at the "Crossroads", was on display on the facade of the La Riche Public Multimedia Library (Loire Valley, France) from September 2014 to September 2015.

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